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AUTO KLEEN DISPENSER Hygiene Auto Kleen dispenser is an automatic & continuous dispensing system connected to the flush tank through a steel pipe. It is fully automatic & have LCD. We Are One Of The Largest Distributors And Dealers of Washroom Hygiene Products like Hygiene Auto Kleen Dispenser in Delhi
Automatic Shoe Shining Machine Automatic Shoe Shining Machine is operated on the infrared system. As you insert your shoe in Auto Shoe Polish, Shine Polish Machine, the sensor is automatically activated and the soft brush starts rotating, it remove dust quickly from your shoe, press the shoe against the nozzle of the cream polish dispenser and hold it under the black or brown brush. It take just 30 seconds, you have your shoes well polished, shiny and sparking. We Are One Of The Largest Distributors And Dealers Of Automatic Shoe Shining Machine In Delhi.
Auto Janitor Automatic Cleaning & Hygiene System, The neutralle auto janitor is a '3-in-2' system that provides automatic cleaning and deodorizing with outstanding germ kill for toilets and urinals.It is ideal for small or medium sized washrooms where a dual system is all that is needed. We Are One Of The largest Suppliers, Dealers And Distributors in Delhi
Auto Janitor Refill Auto Janitor®™ cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals while providing a clean fresh scent for the restroom.Auto Janitor®™ BioFlush® formula is enzyme-based to help prevents scale build-up in drain pipes One Of The Largest Sellers, Distributors And Dealers Of Auto Janitor Refill in Delhi
Automatic Floor Scrubber Driers We provide our clients Columbus from Germany Automatic Floor Scrubber Driers, which ensures effective cleaning and drying. Our range is simple to use, We Are The Leading Distributer And Supplier Of Automatic Floor Scrubber Driers In Delhi